Chapter 1

I want to be like Salman Khan

He was always angry.Being a 10th grader he is always asked by his parents to focus on studies.He had tuition for Maths &science. Maths sir was strict.but he could easily cut the science tuition and go for a movie.He loved Salman Khan.He wanted to be like Salman,in all aspects.Thus he ended up going to the Temple nearby,just to go shirtless.But he was too thin.So he started hitting the gym after tuition.

He was now obsessed with his body,especially his guns,the the class,at the gym,at the busstop and almost everywhere he started flexing his guns and enjoying all by himself.He even went to the tailor to tighten the arms of his school uniform,so that when he flexes his shirt might tear.

Finally he need a girlfriend like Kareena kapoor.Nobody in his class looks like kareena.But still he didn’t gave up.He started chatting with a girl who had kareena’s face as her profile pic.

Days passed by. he started getting more angry.Salman had lots of action,drama,dance.but he is having no such things.He has not even got the body of Salman & he has got a fake kareena.he was so sad.That evening On his wayto the gym,he saw many “being human” T shirts in a shop.He longed for one,because it was his hero’s brand.He kept staring at it for a while.He saw a  homeless kid staring at him and the shop in amusement. The next day he took all the money he got for Onam.He secretly bought the t shirt.when he got out the child stared at him.He walked swiftly to the gym.That day he didn’t do anything.on his way back,he saw the kid begging around the streets.He stopped him and handed over the t shirt.The yellow light from the streetlight merged with the white glow of the kid’s smile.He ran with joy .He felt an ache in his heart which ripened into an elevated sweetness of happiness.There was no moon in the sky.But a moon has already risen in his heart,a moon sowing a moonlight with a tint of yellow street light.At once he realised that finally he was able to be a human being like Sal’MAN’.


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