Chapter 1


Stress was building in him like a pyre,turning all his dreams into ash tinted with a smell of burnt human hair.Desperate rushes,futile clashes and a lingering lament were the daily doses of his melancholic days.Every day was stained red with clots of blood.The cocktails of pain subtly residing in the shrieks made by the animals are suppressed by the passion of tongue driven by the desire to celebrate the sensuality of food.His hands never shivered.He has to do this for his family.His pregnant wife,his daughters,responsibilities were beyond his expectations. Calendar sheets were burnt along with the wastes at a fast rate.The rhythms of heartbeats of a small family was strengthened by a fifth member but somewhere the notes went wrong.The newborn was a blue baby.

The blade went up and down.Blood stained the remaining whites of the wall.The older stains had turned dark.He went near the next cow.Rajan was beating the cow.He stared at it when it eagerly gulped some water.The blade once again went up and down.He went to the hospital.His wife was sick and the baby was sleeping.On his way back he saw a stray dog lying dead puddled with blood.He could see a bat hanging dead on the electric post.The past few days were teaching him lots of new things.

His mind is focused on something,lingering laments and dreariness has been washed away from him.He is focussed on his job.He slaughtered animals with the dark blue in his mind.The stains on the wall were no longer red,but were dark blue…

On the 16th day after this,the baby’s condition became severe.Whirling stairs that smelt of blood,finally the wheels of time turned in a frenzy..exhausted and devastated, the baby was lying on the bed with a white tunic around his waist and both his hands raised and stretched on either sides of his head.He was pale and lifeless.The sick mother wiped his face with a white kerchief. She found a blue stain on it…

Days passed by like strangers.The sand was so hot .He couldn’t move.Blood stains,animal shrieks,the anxious cows drinking their last drops of water..and he fell to the ground.He could see two men ahead of him.He sighed. Once again he raised his head and was shocked to see 3 more men behind the stout man who was still behind the first man.A dog passed by that body.A light fragrance of blooming lotuses eloped with the blowing wind…


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