Chapter 1


October..the air was filled with the scent of incense, the sound of clinging bells and Durga chalisa

He wriggled through the entrance,gave some coins to the old lady in front of the hut and moved inside.He locked the door.The wild jasmines that lay shattered on the bed were pressed and a faint fragrance came out…

He stood near the window.He could hear the beats of drums .The people were heading to Hoogli with huge statues of Kalima and Durgama.The skull like moon was vomiting moonlight into that barren land.At once he felt that he was the moon and she was the moon light.He took the earthen pot to quench his thirst.Suddenly the pot fell down and broke.She woke up.The water ran through the cemented floor.She stared at him.He felt guilty like a kid.She came near him.sat down and took the broken pieces.Only a part of the pot was broken. She lit a small diya inside the broken pot.The yellow light from the cracked pot sublimed into the faint moonlight and gave birth to a beautiful smile on her lips.He too smiled.She brought another pot and poured milk into his cupped hands.He drank it and smiled at her.

The next morning two new born babies came out of Sonagachi.He asked”What’s your name?”.”Kapalika”she replied.silence intensified between them.He looked at her expectantly. She smiled and hugged him and silently whispered”you are my Kalidasa..”.The morning sun kissed the jasmine flowers on the vine that crept upon the mango tree.The mango tree flowered for the first time…


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