A bygone station

The new member.

Some things come to us once in a life time. They arrive out of nowhere.”My whole body is anticipating the arrival of the baby. The molar gum was impregnated with hope and it had been nineteen years. The gum is bulged and she is fed by my blood. My body is weak, yet I’m her man. I had shut my mouth to warm her with my silence. It wasn’t december, yet it was cold outside. Sharp words fell like snowflakes. A feverish fire was set up for her. Her good neighbours ground the bread and wine and blood fed her. Yet she was pale.. I had butterflies in my stomach. The pain had begun..

Ulcers stood guarding at the tip of the tongue and the mouth seemed like a prison. The herd of sheep near the tongue seemed like the foaming waters of Yamuna. The palate stood tall as a thousand headed snake.

One or two drops of blood might have stained the pink flesh when the bright star twinkled. A white head popped out, the wise one. The moon, the wind and the sun of the east followed the star and visited the newborn and showered blessings.And thus he was born..dividing time..reminding wisdom..


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