A bygone station

An Autumnal hymn

Autumn..A season that teaches you the beauty of letting go..
A season that reminds you how changes can be beautiful too..A season that shows you that life can be restarted..A season when the trees shed their leaves and introspect in silence..a gentle reminder that there is more…much more than people in life..A season when nature blush like a boy who’s in love..

Thankyou dear Autumn.

A bygone station

A note to God

Strangers who used to be friends

Nobodies who used to be somebodies.

And in the mirror,is the apparition of the unfamiliar.

All I have is a public privacy and a dozen of Everybody’s secrets.

In the sleepless nights I imbibe the reciprocating irony of uniqueness in oneness.

Love..heal me.