A bygone station


Contemplation of a random incident.

The enemy was trapped within the dropping delirious curtains of the mosquito net. He was struggling to get out. The primitive within me grasped the enemy. In a fraction of a second, I saw the marvellous beauty of the fragile wings on the delicate black web. A cocktail of amusement, intimidation and pride brimmed within. I released the enemy.Broken and bruised,it was still beautiful. The enemy intimidated the gentleman. The ape within the gentleman clasped the enemy, crushed him with a stale anger that had returned to him after a futile journey to random addresses. The enemy was dead and it rolled into my palm. The enemy’s proboscis touched the gentleman’s palm as if it was kissing goodbye. Startled, the man threw it away.

Far away, in a timeless land somebody shot down an albatross.

The gentleman laughed and remarked:”They spread diseases”. The man was still intimidated by the beauty of the little mosquito.


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