Thoughts during a wrinkle in time

I realize that the past is more than what I thought it was. The past, it appears, is not merely a passive parasite that sucks out the life force from our future. The past apparently is the devil to whom we have pawned our soul in exchange for the rest of our lives. I do not know (And I do not know if I am allowed to doubt it) if changing our thoughts is a permanent solution to the problems of the past. Because how much of ownership can we claim upon our thoughts?

Artwork by: Anthony Clarkson

I believe that the only way to rewrite past is by writing the future accordingly. And that does not seem to be a matter of concern exclusive to free will alone. I do feel that free will is at times a bit too over rated. Determinism is grim, unpleasant and uncomfortable like most other truths. So we’d rather be comfy in comfortable lies and everlasting denial. But the answer lies in modifying the future so as to rectify the past. And I believe this is only possible through an interplay of determinism and freewill. For the time being, the present shall be a mirror, where the past and the future, mutually reflecting the other, stands wearing a weary wicked grin.

Disintegration of Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

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