A letter

Two years back, I remember sitting down exactly by this window, to count my blessings. I am running out of time and I am quite busy, but I think one must allow oneself to occasionally indulge in the great fullness of gratefulness or otherwise we might as well, run out of life.

Today is an official conclusion to a beautiful two year period in my life. With an excellent educational experience offered by my professors  there are plenty of things to be grateful for. But like last time, I am trying to count these one by one. If you are reading it, you might find yourself somewhere in between. Ofcourse no names this time as well.

I remember the first day, when I received prayers and blessings from friends, teachers and family with gratitude. Because those prayers always got my back. I’m grateful that there are more people in that list today. That makes me feel rich.

The last 2 years were remarkable. It was like a tree with its roots reaching for hell, and its shoots growing higher into the heaven.What couldn’t kill me, made me stronger and I decided to write my fairy tale. Ofcourse that place had a lot of fairies- fairies without wings… fairies like the one in Abou ben Adhem.

Their magic wasn’t made of pixie dust, but it was made of little big things- like a sweet dish all the way from home, being tolerant and cooperative roommates(and neighbors, ofcourse), late night conversations, watching movies at the least likely places, a company at the mess or a meal bought for me when I least expected it. They had no spells. But they gifted me lessons on how to forgive, how to marvel in the world around us, how to see God in the night sky. They stayed and supported- a text, a mundane conversation or sometimes, just a wink. They gave me the space to exist, the way I was. I am grateful for all these beautiful people.

The last time, I counted my blessings, I remember that I did so, desperately. Today, I do the same in a state of blissful abundance. Everything seems to be the same, but the change is within and it’s solely due to the remarkable people of PU. I think the best of all the things I’ve gained in the last two years could be the awareness that people always have something good in them, that they are not necessarily, all bad.

Thank you for everything. Grateful ❤🕊


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